The Startup Maze Is A Crazy Place!

I've talked to many people over the years that have had great ideas for products. When asking them why they don't act on their ideas, a typical response is "I don't know how" or "I don't have the right resources".  Changes over the last few years in available services and improvements in distribution channels have made it possible for anyone to find the resources needed to turn an idea into a product.  I'm inviting you to travel the startup maze with me as I work to take my own idea and make it into a successful company.


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I’ve never done any kind of training specific to marketing or branding, but I know from being close to it in practice that it’s very important to get right. I’ve ...
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As I continue the grind and look ahead, there is so much to do. I’m also reflecting back on everything from the last few months that has gotten me to ...
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I would be lying if I said the last few weeks were anything but difficult. Expanded expectations at my day job, significant work at home as I close on a ...
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Sample Docs

This is a collection of documents that I created along my journey through the Startup Maze.

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